About Us

Our Mission

re:build is an impact driven organisation with a mission to inspire and embolden a global movement of re:builders. 


We co-create magical, authentic, participatory and multi-sensory events and experiences that inspire and motivate our community to take action towards building a more regenerative future. 


Regeneration is no longer an option. We need action. We need to start building the places, businesses and communities that will enable us to live and work in harmony with nature, and each other.


To achieve this at a meaningful scale, we need to support the re:builders who are going to drive this movement forward. This is why re:build was created - to enable knowledge sharing, deep collaboration and friendship so that we can not only optimise our collective impact, but also have a lot of fun along the way. 

Our Values & Principles

By design and simultaneously emergent from the community we sense these are a set of common values and principles re:builders across the world embody.

Our Values


Renewal, restoration and growth of all life



Give care and support

At every moment, for everything we’ve been gifted


When something breaks we do something to fix it


Celebration is serious business



We dream big with openness to emergent ideas

We belong to the Earth

Our Principles

Leave a better trace

We leave each place and living being we interact with in a better shape than we found it.

Together we are stronger. If you want to go far, go together.

Co-creation and Collaboration 

Learning by doing

As children learn to walk by lifting one foot at the time, falling and getting up to do it again better, we are also willing to fail and by failing, move forward.

Whole systems thinking

Creating positive loops in all interactions. An awareness of how everything is circular and interconnected. The waste of one system is food for another. 

Transitioning from ownership to stewardship

Recognising the limitations of capitalism and consumerism. Designing economic structures that incentivise long term stewardship rather than private ownership and short term profit.

Founding Team

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Anton Chernikov

Founder of House of Transformation & Exponentials



Samuel Delesque

Regenerative Entrepreneur



Victor Vorski

Founder of Earth Sky Lab


Screenshot 2022-02-19 at 20.33.18.png

Ani Anca

Founder of Project Heart



Jeremy Agnew

Co-founder of re-source


Screenshot 2022-02-19 at 20.34.19.png

Nicolas Alcala

Founder of Cocina Sagrada


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